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Korean Jmella Solid Perfume Stick 10g

Expiry date: 2025

The Korean Jmella brand uses French high-end fragrances✨ with world-class brand-name fragrances, which are both classic fragrances and inspirations,

Deploy different styles of daily body care products

Jmella launches hot new products! 🤩 🤩 The newly launched solid perfume stick is the same series as the shampoo,

Premium fragrance. Fragrant from head to toe. Alcohol-free🌱, apply it on the skin and slowly disperse with body temperature,

Even the hair can be used, and even the hair is fragrant. On hair 🉑 ️ on fingers 🉑 ️

Dry skin areas (elbows, etc.) 🉑 ️ After application, fiber clothes are scented 😙


A.)    🔸Blooming Peony (花園舞會)💃🏻🌸 
Exudes a refreshing citrus fragrance, full of charm, like wearing a moving dress made of more than a thousand petals 
💡Inspiration: Miss Dior Flower Sweetheart 

B.)    🔹Queen 5' (Coronation Ceremony)👑_cc7813905_badcde
Floral and aldehyde aromas combine to create a soft white musk, warm and elegant.  
💡Inspiration: CHANEL N5

KOS220065~Korea Jmella Solid Perfume Stick 10g

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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