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Korean Qigong Yudan essence moisturizing daily skin care5piece set


Validity period: 2024year10moon


"Invisible SkinQi" is from Korea🇰🇷of top skin care products, yes The science and technology of "Daehan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." in the Republic of Korea combined with precious herbal extracts🌱, a famous Korean skin care product developed.


Dozens of precious herbs selected for natural energy💫, which combines modern Korean science and technology with the mysterious Korean formula to condense the "Qi" Korean herbal skin care brand. "Qi nourishes the body, and Qi nourishes the face." "Qi" pursues natural skin nourishment, so that the skin presents a natural and healthy state💃🏻


✨✨Gong Yudan series✨✨

Delicate as jade, creamy skin🌹

"Jade" has always been a symbol of purity, beauty, elegance and dignity, and these are the unique qualities of oriental women. Jade is warm and delicate, and it is in harmony with oriental femininity.


🔆Selling point:



Contains Polygonum Multiflorum Extract, Korean Angelica Extract, Cypress Root🌱Dozens of precious herbal ingredients such as extracts, combined with Korean herbal formulas, to reconcile texture and moisturize skin💦Create delicate skin like jade😍


Suitable for all ages👍🏻

A set to improve skin problems such as rough skin, lack of luster, dryness, tightness, sagging and other skin problems


💡Box details:

1.Qi Palace Yudan Essence Moisturizing Water120ml(Formal wear)

 2.Qi Palace Yudan Essence Moisturizing Milk110ml(Formal wear)

 3.Qi Palace Yudan Essence30ml(Formal wear)

 4.Qi Palace Yudan Essence Cream50g(Formal wear)

 5.Qi Palace Yudan Essence Eye Cream30g(Formal wear)

 6.Qi Palace Yudan Essence Moisturizing Water15ml(Trial Pack)

 7.Qi Palace Yudan Essence Moisturizing Milk15ml(Trial Pack)

💡Suitable for skin type: All skin types

💫Product Efficacy: Reconcile texture, moisturizing skin

🌎Origin: South Korea

KOS220061~Korea Qi Palace Yudan Essence Moisturizing Daily Skin Care 5-piece Set

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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