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Made in KoreaCoreana 24KGold Lavender Collagen Essence50ml


Validity period: 2025year


🔥The most beautiful essence🔥

Helps eliminate fine lines and sagging skinThe Best Serums for Aging Skin✨💡Specifically designed for anti-aging✨👍🏻Effectively improve facial wrinkles, eye lines, sagging and other problems


contain24kgold foilHelps skin absorb better💫

hyaluronic acid💧best moisturizing ingredient

pure plant🌱Essence - allows the skin to absorb the most original nutrients

Noni Fruit Essence - Claimed to be (God's Gift) Full of Nutrients,Gives skin health and radiance

Add collagen - the main ingredient for anti-wrinkle

Keeps skin in the best balance of hydration and anti-wrinkle

Add natural mild lavender😍


Helps calm the skin and enhances the natural fragrance of the serum💃🏻

Lavender relieves states of mental and emotional anxiety💆🏻‍♀️

Contains ingredients to help comfortably rest the mind and body to relieve stress and anxiety

Lavender extract to maintain skin moisture for a long time

dry skin Provides deep hydration to the skin when rough💦

👉Highly moisturizing:rich in moisture

👉Fast absorption: fills dry skin without stickiness

👉Added collagen

skin elasticity firm Improve wrinkles

Whitening and brightening high purity24Kgold rich in vitaminsC

Refreshing and not sticky fast absorption

rich24Kgold👉Whitens, enhances elasticity, cleanses, nourishes and revitalizes skin Improve skin vitality

Contains the world's popular "Noni fruit extract for health, nourishes the skin with nutrition", vitaminsCsuper rich Good for skin care

Lavender is a natural pigment, don't worry❤️

KOS220057~Made in Korea Coréana 24K Gold Lavender Collagen Extract 50ml

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