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LIVING GOOD Microwave Cleaner Made in Korea ( Set of 3 Packs )


Did you know that microwave ovens are not cleaned after use?

Will it cause a lot of bacteria to accumulate ?

cause harm to human health

Long-term odor, dirty inner wall, dead bacteria 🦠

It also affects the taste of food❗

" LIVING GOOD Steam Cleaner for Microwave Oven / Water Oven "

🇰🇷Korea 's best seller🏆

Korean made natural citrus 🍊

Environmentally friendly and easy, sterilization, deodorization, and cleaning can be done in one go😮

Thoroughly cleans the entire microwave

Using natural orange 🍊 essential oil raw materials does not hurt the skin

First-class oil removal effect👍🏻 penetrates into all kinds of oils and quickly and fully dissolves oil stains

When heated, it will not volatilize harmful substances and bring citrus fragrance 💖

It really is that all cooks and cooks can't miss the clean gods !!! 😍


💡 【How to use】

1. Place the sponge on top of the microwave oven turntable

2. Add the citrus cleaner and pour it on the sponge

3. Use the normal cooking setting for one minute, the citrus aroma will deodorize the microwave oven at the same time during the heating process

4. Open it after the time is up. It is recommended to wear plastic gloves. The sponge is a little hot at first. Then you can use the sponge to brush the entire interior of the microwave oven. You will see a lot of grease and dirt have been brushed out.

5. Finally, wipe it off with a damp cloth 💪💪

※Intimate reminder : all kinds of ovens and water wave ovens can also be used


💫 Contents of each pack: cleaning sponge *1 + citrus cleaner *15g

KOS220041~Made in Korea LIVING GOOD Microwave Cleaner (Set of 3 Packs)

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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