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Korean brand Bebay bottle opener


Power-saving screw cap artifact 😍 Stainless steel universal bottle opener , help you open the cap easily👍🏻


✅Innovative gear design , using the way of turning the handle to open the bottle cap

✅Easy to operate , one twist to open , labor-saving and quick-free hand pain

✅The flexible card position can be freely adjusted in size , suitable for all kinds of bottle caps

✅Anti -slip handle , comfortable and easy to hold

✅Stainless steel material , compact structure , durable and easy to clean

✅Easy to carry , also suitable for going out at home


💡 Instructions for use:

Adjust the bottle opener to its maximum size

Sleeve into the container cap part

Turn counterclockwise until the handle snaps against the cap

Rotate the handle to open the lid

KOS220038~ Korean brand Bebay bottle opener

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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