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Made in Korea✨ ELT Vitamin Deep Cleansing Oil (190ml)


The cleansing oil is added with vitamin C 🍊 , which can activate cells , provide anti-oxidation for the skin and promote skin health 🔆 , making the skin smoother 🥚 , and the biggest selling point is that the unique research and development technology uses "Wing Seed Moringa Seed Extract" 🧪 , the The dirt deep in the pores is easily and thoroughly removed🚿 . Among them, "Macadamia Nut Seed Oil" simultaneously moisturizes💧 , removes makeup and protects skin at the same time! More importantly, it is a branch of " non-oily" cleansing oil" 💖After use , the skin is clean and fresh, completely No dry and tight feeling😍 Can remove all makeup easily💄


✅Effective and quick deep makeup remover✨

✅Clean and replenish moisture💧

✅Comprehensive skin is clean and fresh, no dry and tight feeling💆🏻

✅The product has passed the highest 5 -star level Derma test certified by the German Association of Authoritative Dermatologists



🎀Ingredients :


🔹Wing Seed Moringa Seed🌱 Extract : It can dissolve the horn plugs and dirt in the pores, and purify the pores 💫

🔹Orange Fruit🍊 : Vitamin C can activate cells , resist oxidation and promote skin health 🌈

🔹Macadamia Seed Oil : Deep moisturizing💧


💡How to use:

- Press the bottle to the neck of the bottle 2-3 times , apply the makeup remover evenly on the face, press gently for 15 seconds until the makeup floats

- Rinse off with clean water, then wash your face with a cleanser as you normally would


🌍Origin : South Korea

📦Specification : 190mI

KOS220032~Made in Korea✨ELT Vitamin Deep Cleansing Oil (190ml)

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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