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Korean AHC Deep Sea Green Clay Cleanser 150ML

French Green clay Micellar Foam


The concept of AHC Green Clay Facial Cleanser is to restore mud spa 😍

It is rich in minerals and has the ability to absorb ultra-fine dirt 💯

It's like doing a SPA✨

Has excellent absorption of old waste sebum and cleaning power ‼ ️

From the unique mineral hot spring green mud💦 zero pigment, zero anti-preservative, 99.9% anti- inflammatory

Can be used daily

After washing it well, it is like making a comprehensive cleansing mask for the skin 🥰

Effectively deep clean pores and improve skin problems

Contains Centella asiatica extract and five herbs 🌱

Form fine small molecular particles, wash away the dirt while leaving your skin soft and supple

After rubbing with water, it will produce fine bubbles 🧼

Cleanse your face with gentle, non-irritating ingredients

Makeup dirt residue, makeup remover and cleanser 2 in 1🆗

After washing the face, it is super soft and not tight, especially delicate and soft ‼ ️


✅Mineral hot spring green mud

Rich in minerals

✅ Ability to absorb ultra-fine dirt

Deep clean pores

✅Soft and non-irritating

✅Suitable for all skin types


💡How to use :

After moisturizing the face, squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser on your hands, gently rub it open, and massage your face in circular motions from bottom to top for 1 minute. Pay attention to cleaning the nose and other places that are easy to hide dirt, and then rinse with water. Knead open, massage gently for half a minute, then rinse off

KOS220031~AHC Deep Sea Green Clay Cleanser 150ML made in Korea

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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