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CHAKAN Strong Hair Root Shampoo 500ml made in Korea (with scalp massage )


Best shampoo in Korea 🏆

Improve your hair fast 💥Therapeutic Shampoo 💪🏻

Sensitive scalp, inflammation, hair loss, hair strengthening care 💡

Hair Problem Terminator💥You can feel the change of hair texture and scalp in a short time ‼ ️With amazing effect ‼ ️

🌟 : It can really make hair grow fast, and it can speed up your process of achieving long hair and waist length 🧡 Also, the hair will really thicken and become stronger, and the hair is not easy to break ‼ ️

It is also silicon - free🌟No chemical ingredients🌟It has mint ingredients, so I want to cool my hair, and it has a good oil control effect, and my hair will not be oily in a day.😱


💡What's the difference between normal shampoo and shampoo ?


✅Silicon free

✅ Smoother than normal silicone-free shampoos

✅More foam

✅Pregnant women and children can use it!

✅The scent is so comfortable

✅After washing the hair is very fluffy and the scalp is very comfortable

pH 5.5

✅Weak acidity that is difficult for ordinary shampoos to achieve, mild without damaging the sebum film


🚫 Mineral oil free

🚫 No dimethyl ketone


🚫 No parabens


Expiry date : August 2024

KOS220030~韓國製造CHAKAN 強健髮根洗髮水 500ml(附贈頭皮按摩✨)

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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