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Korean Made Cute Cereal Bowl Shark/Octopus (3 Colors)

The cute shape cereal bowl is made of PP material and has BPA FREE certification 🔰
Safe to use👍🏻
There is a rubber strip design at the bottom of the bowl to prevent the bowl from shaking easily 💫
💡The small storage tray above can be removed at will😍

Easy to clean, cute and beautiful 💕
Packed with salads, desserts, snacks can be suitable for adults and children‼ ️💃🏻

A.) Pink Shark (Size: 16*17cm)
B.) Green Shark (Size: 16*17cm)
C.) Black Shark (Size: 16*17cm)

D.) Pink Octopus (Size: 14.5*12.5cm)
E.) Green Octopus (Size: 14.5*12.5cm)
F.) Black Octopus (Size: 14.5*12.5cm)

The storage tray is about 7*9cm
Bowl height about 5.5cm

Origin: South Korea

KOS220019~Korean Made Cute Cereal Bowl Shark/Octopus (3 Colors)

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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