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Korean-made Jmella Favorite Line Love💕 Hand Cream Series ( 5pcs / box )


The Korean Jmella brand uses French high -end fragrances✨ with world-class famous brand perfumes 💫 both classic perfumes and inspirations 🤩 to formulate different styles of daily body care products , this collection is a collection of 5 different perfume inspirations on the left , which are perfume hand cream series, can be Match with different moods and occasions every day😍 Use hand creams with different flavors 💃🏻


🔸 Blooming Peony 💃🏻🌸

Exudes a refreshing citrus fragrance, full of charm, like wearing a moving dress made of more than a thousand petals

💡Inspiration : Miss Dior Flower Sweetheart


🔹 Femme Fatale 👠

A warm oriental floral note, sensual and modern, not only reminiscent of the alluring Diva

💡Inspiration : D&G Lady Only Me


🔸 Lime & Basil ( First Love ) ☘ ️

The refreshing lime aroma blends with the rushing basil and thyme, giving a refreshing citrus aroma.

💡Inspired by : JO MALONE Lime Basil & Citrus


🔹 Queen 5' ( Coronation ) 👑

Floral and aldehyde aromas combine to create a soft white musk, warm and elegant.

💡Inspiration : CHANEL N5


🔸 Sparkling Ros é ( Champagne Rose ) 🌹

Just like the sweetness and sourness of the first time drinking rose champagne, the fruity and floral aromas are intertwined.

💡Inspiration : Goutal Paris Pom Pom Rose


✅Refreshing and long- lasting moisturizing power💦

✅Passed the skin low irritation test👍🏻

✅High quality natural fragrance


🎁 Style (5 pieces in a box )

1.)    Blooming Peony Garden Ball

2.)    Femme Fatale

3.)    Lime & Basil's first love

4.)    Queen 5'_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b -136

5.) _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d__cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Sparkling Rosé _cc781905-5cdebad5cf-136bad_bb3b


Expiry date : 2024

KOS220004~Jmella Favorite Line Made in Korea 💕Hand Cream Series (5pcs/box)

SKU: 現貨(循環訂購貨品)
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