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230ml Set of 3 Ana and the Snow Queen 21 Skater with Straw (Made in Japan)


Set of three lightweight tumblers with bendable straws.
Enjoy homemade smoothies, fruit waters and other beverages with ease.
The cover keeps dust and other debris out.
They can be used for family gatherings, outdoors, driving, desk work and other occasions.
The straw can be replaced with a commercially available straw with a diameter of about 6 mm.
Cups and lids are stackable.

Cup: approx. 80mm (diameter) x 97mm (height)
Straw: approx. Diameter 6 x Length 172mm
Capacity: approx. 230 ml
Weight: approx. 130 grams

Country of manufacture: Japan
Materials/Components: Lid* Body: Polypropylene (-20°C to 100°C)
Straw: Polypropylene (-20°C to 90°C)
Packaging: Individually packed

JSD22097~230 毫升,3 件套,安娜和雪之女王 21 帶吸管,溜冰者(日本製)

SKU: 預購品(循環訂購貨品)
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