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Stainless Steel Knife Butter Box Cracked Butter Knife


Cut 200 grams of commercial block butter into 20 pieces (about 10 grams) at a time!
Convenient for measuring servings when making pastries and breads*.
Comes with a convenient split butter knife for storage inside the case.
Comes with a lid to keep the butter from drying out for easy storage in the refrigerator.
Dishwasher safe.
Only the main unit is microwave safe.
*Be sure to let the butter come to room temperature before cutting. Do not use excessive force, as this may deform the stainless steel knife.
*Lid not sealed. We recommend using a lunch strap or similar to secure the lid.

About. 107 x 190 x 43 mm
A country of origin: Japan
Material/Assembly: Cover/AS resin
Butter Knife* Butter Knife/Stainless Steel

JSD220060~Stainless steel with knife butter box cracking type butter knife

SKU: 預購品(循環訂購貨品)
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