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Bread Slicer/Kitchen Tool


This slicer can slice hot bread into thin slices.

You can cut the freshly baked bread to the thickness you want (5 levels of thickness adjustment).

Bagels and buns can also be cut. All parts are fully washable.

compact storage space

7 cm
A country of origin: Japan
Material/Parts: Bottom Plate*Safety Guard*Thickness Control Board/ABS Resin (Heat Resistant to 80°C, Cold Resistant to -30°C) Body Frame/Styrene Resin (Heat Resistant to 70°C, Cold Resistant -30°C) Tool Holder/Polymer Propylene (heat resistant to 120°C, cold resistant to -20°C)
Product label: none

JSD220039~Bread Slicer/Kitchen Tool

SKU: 預購品(循環訂購貨品)
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